Pre-Purchase Inspection

Home Inspection Services for FloridaMany people are nervous at the thought of buying a home with good reason:

  • EPA has found indoor chemical exposure levels on average are 5 times higher than outdoors
  • Chinese drywall is being identified in homes built between 2004 and 2008
  • Various sites in Florida have been found to have contaminated drinking water supply wells
  • Lead based paint is a concern for homes built before 1978
  • Asbestos is a concern for homes built before 1986
  • Mold is a potential concern for any home that is not built and maintained correctly
  • Elevated levels of radon gas have been identified in homes in localized areas
  • Building materials (concrete, etc.) in high rise condos can emit high levels of radon gas

EnviroHome, Inc. approaches the home inspection process very differently from the typical home inspection company. Structural, environmental, indoor air quality and health and safety concerns are the key components of our inspections. These are the major issues that can drastically diminish a home’s value and the owner's health if discovered after the fact.

Structural, environmental, IAQ and health and safety concerns are found in every home in the U.S., including new homes. EnviroHome, Inc. has spent the last 20 years consulting with builders and developers on ways to eliminate the moisture intrusion problems that can and do lead to mold and indoor air quality problems. The problems still occur in homes built by developers who don’t care enough to implement quality assurance and inspection programs.

Recent hurricanes and flooding in the midwest have led to large scale water/moisture entry and hidden mold and structural problems. 

Chinese drywall has been used in new homes in the southeast including Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and North Carolina. 

Hidden asbestos and lead based paint (LBP) can drastically impact the costs associated with a planned home remodeling project. 

Contaminated groundwater can make drinking water a hazard instead of a benefit. 

It is these concerns and many many others that mandate that all homes new and old be throughly inspected prior to purchase. Such inspections must include all aspects of the home's construction and environmental setting.

EnviroHome, Inc. is helping homeowners, developers, and building managers across America create a safer, healthier indoor environment. Contact us at 888-810-2228 to find out how we can help you with a healthier home.