The Mold Indoor Air Quality/ Moisture Entry Investigation (M-IAQ/MEI) has become a common service that we provide to potential property buyers as well as property owners who are concerned that their home may have a mold problem. The investigation is also commonly associated with post hurricane and water entry insurance claims where the extent of hidden moisture damage is not fully known and/or where hidden fungal concerns are suspected. These inspections are also routinely conducted in private and commercial buildings. 

Black Mold and Green Mold and Mildew testing and mold removalKey Points to the Inspection

  • Is the house currently impacted by mold and do health concerns exist?
  • Are there wet or water damaged building materials in the home?
  • Are there indications for the potential for hidden mold concerns within the building/residence?
  • What is the cause and origin of the moisture problem that has led to mold amplification?
  • What is the extent of mold impacts within the home?
  • What steps must be taken to correct the source of the moisture entry problem?
  • What steps must be taken to address the removal of the mold?

Key questions to ask when hiring a consultant to test for mold

Is the company a State Licensed Engineering firm? 
Do they have building construction experience and are they a certified in the state?

By hiring a State licensed engineering firm you are ensuring that your company is qualified in all components, construction, indoor air quality and  moisture entry, to properly evaluate and address the problem.   Mold problems in a home or structure are caused by water/moisture problems.  It is critical that the person inspecting your home/building is knowledgable in building construction practicies and mechanical systems (HVAC, etc.) so that the source of the problem is identified and corrected.  EnviroHome, Inc's inspectors are not only state licensed engineers but they are also building contractors and certified indoor environmentalists.  Additionally, in many states, companies offering mold related services must now be licensed or certified mold assessors.

Does the company have E&O Insurance?

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is likely the only recourse that a homeowner will have in the event that their mold testing firm misses something in the inspection. E&O insurance that covers mold related liabilities is very difficult to procure and requires extensive experience and qualifications. Having E&O insurance goes a long way to establish the credibility of the company you are hiring. EnviroHome, Inc. is one of the few companies who can qualify and does carry E&O insurance. Make sure that you hire a company that carries at least $1,000,000 of E&O insurance.

Are they going to test every room within the house and are they going to test the HVAC system?

Hidden mold concerns can be isolated to a specific area of the residence. As a result, the inspection should include detailed inspection and testing of every room and area of the house separately. The HVAC system is a prime source for dust, dirt, moisture and mold and as such, should be tested or evaluated separately.

Will they use infrared cameras and moisture meters to look for hidden water/moisture entry concerns?

Infrared cameras and moisture meters should be used to evaluate the building material moisture levels throughout the house.   Infrared cameras are necessary to visually inspect inaccessible areas such as high ceilings and the underside of the roof deck in the back of the attic. 


If you suspect mold is getting a foothold on your property contact EnviroHome at 888-810-2228.