Buying and owning a home is one of the most rewarding events for people but also can be one of the most costly as well. If you new or existing home has any environmental issues, like the ones listed below, EnviroHome, Inc. can help you from beginning to end.

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EnviroHome, Inc. approaches the home inspection process very differently from the typical home inspection company. Structural, environmental, indoor air quality and health and safety concerns are the key components of our inspections. These are the major issues that can drastically diminish a home’s value especially if discovered after the fact. Not to mention the detrimental effects to the property owner's health.

Structural, environmental, IAQ and health and safety concerns are found in every home in the U.S., including new homes. EnviroHome, Inc. is proud to be helping homeowners like you create a safer, healthier indoor environment across the United States. Learn More...

EnviroHome can assist in finding solutions to all types of environmental issues in the home including: Indoor Air Quality, Chinese Drywall, Asbestos, Radon, Mold Removal, Lead-Based Paint, Flood and Water Entry damage mitigation and clean up, Well Water Contamination, Lead in water and Soil, and more.


Real Estate Property Environment Report to know your neighborhoodKnowItALL®

Are you a new home buyer looking for a report on your potential new neighborhood?

EnviroHome's KnowItALL® report service can help you beyond what the public records for real estate can tell you.

EnviroHome, Inc.'s KnowItALL® database and program will provide you with the information you need about your home environment, neighborhood, and local area that may impact your health, home value, or present a safety risk to you and your family. 

KnowItALL® research is especially important for home buyers.  You need to know what hidden concerns may impact the home value of the property you are considering purchasing.  From sex offenders to cancer clusters and hazardous waste sites, from air pollution sources to dump sites, you need to know what is in your environment and what may impact your health and degrade your home value before you buy.  Don't make the mistake of buying someone else's problem home. Learn More...