Flood Services and Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup Mold restoration companyWater that has infiltrated a home can support fungal (mold) growth within 24 to 48 hours of water entry under the right conditions.

Visible growth of black mold or green mold may not be evident initially and more often than not, the first indications that a homeowner will get is the presence of a musty odor in the air. The mustiness is an indication that microbial growth is occurring on wet building materials. If left unaddressed, the mold will actively spread through the release of mold spores into the air.  

A dime size area of mold growth can create and release billions (not millions) of spores into the air.  These mold spores are too small (1 to 10 micros) to be seen with the naked eye.  The airborne spores can be transported throughout a house creating exposures as a result of inhalation.  The mold spores will settle out on the various surfaces of your home and if they encounter the right moisture conditions and food sources, they with begin the growing process all over. 

Many of the fungal spores and their metabolites are toxic or can induce allergic reactions in sensitive persons.

Water Damage Cleanup

Rapid response is the most effective procedure in addressing flood and water entry problems. If the water is removed and the drying completed within 24-48 hours of initial entry, mold growth and the associated concerns should be limited. If high moisture levels are allowed to extend beyond 48 hours it is likely that mold growth will start.

Envirohome, Your Water Damage Repair Company

Water Damage Repair CompanyIn houses where mold growth is identified or mustiness is present, EnviroHome, Inc. recommends that an inspection be performed by a trained professional. The purpose of the inspection is to determine the cause and origin of the water/moisture entry and to assess the extent of hazard that the mold presents. 

Moisture meters, infrared cameras and temperature and relative humidity data loggers are used to assess the building materials and atmospheric moisture levels.  Ait testing (sporetrap analysis, particle samplers) and laser particle counters are used to evaluate ambient air quality.  The collected data becomes the basis for recommending the appropriate level of response action to safely abate the problem.

Followup air monitoring or other testing (surface sampling, etc.) are performed upon completion of the response actions to confirm that the corrective measures have effectively addressed the problem and the home is safe to re-occupy.  

If you have had issues with water entry, leaks, flooding, or just have a musty smell in your home call EnviroHome at 888-810-2228.