Environmental Clean-Up

Environmental Assessment and Clean-Up

EnviroHome, Inc.'s approach to hazardous materials removal surveys includes a variety of work elements progressing from regulatory evaluation and project planning to implementation of sampling plans, sample and data management, data evaluation and ultimately to hazardous materials removal. The evaluation and planning process serves to clarify field sampling requirements whether they include waste characterization for contained materials or environmental sampling/site characterization for uncontained hazardous material release sites.

From minimizing the effects of a current operation to remediating those conditions caused by former operations or problematic situations, EnviroHome, Inc. delivers effective solutions that protect our clients, the general public, and the overall environment. Our environmental expertise encompasses the identification, characterization and evaluation of a wide range of site contaminants on a variety of media as well as the remedial design and implementation of remedial action plans. EnviroHome, Inc.’s environmental specialists and professional engineers work closely with our clients to explore practical alternatives that meet regulatory requirements as well as their risk management and budgetary objectives.

Environmental Clean UpWaste streams can often source from a variety of discharge points including leaking underground tanks, sumps, and chemical spills to name a few. In response, our field investigation activities often may include:

  • Water characterization, including RCRA/ Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) 
  • Hydrocarbon Fingerprinting
  • PCB and waste oil sampling
  • Septic tank sampling
  • Effluent/wasterwater sampling
  • Surface water/lagoon sampling
  • Storm water discharge sampling
  • Process water sampling

For many projects, EnviroHome, Inc's staff coordinates the entire project from site investigation through implementation of the remedial design, including removal, transport and disposal of contaminated soils and wastes as appropriate. EnviroHome Inc.'s personnel will research disposal or treatment firms to ensure the most cost effective option is identified.

Upon approval, EnviroHome Inc.'s  staff will perform the work in accordance with an approved Work Plan and Health and Safety Plan and will ensure that wastes are transported in accordance with the regulations under RCRA (40 C.F.R. Part 262). 

EnviroHome, Inc.'s staff are also experienced in acting as the client's liaison with the State regulatory agencies.

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