Due Diligence

Commercial Property Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

EnviroHome Inc.’s commercial pre-purchase due diligence services include Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Building and Property Conditional Assessments (BCA) and building surveys for hazardous materials.

Pre Purchase Inspection by Environemental Engineering Technicians to complete due diligence on a commercial propertyUnder the Federal CERCLA legislation buyers of commercial properties are required to make appropriate inquiry of the environmental conditions of a property. Standards have been developed under the ASTM that outline the requirements of the Phase I, II and III ESA's.

Standards have also been developed for the conducting of Building Conditional Assessments. Under the Federal NESHAPS legislation, building owners and their contractors are required to perform specific hazardous material surveys prior to any renovation or demolition activities that may disturb such materials.

Specifically targeted materials include asbestos and lead-based paint. The improper containment of these materials and the debris created during the demolition process can result in contamination of on-site and off-site properties as well as exposure to workers and the public. The costs of cleaning up the contamination can easily exceed the value of the project or even the property. The liability of exposing workers and the public to hazardous materials can result in huge legal settlements.

Asbestos and lead-based paint (LBP) surveys performed in response to proposed renovation projects should follow the EPA, AHERA, and HUD protocols for testing and assessment procedures.  Inspections should include identification of asbestos and LBP materials in addition to providing Conditional Assessment and response action recommendations. The reports should also include the provision of remedial response costs estimates.

EnviroHome, Inc. uses these standards for the basis of their commercial inspection programs. Please contact us at 888-810-2228 if you have questions or need to schedule a commercial inspection.


Real Estate Property Environment Report to know your neighborhoodKnowItALL®

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