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Whether you own one commercial property/building or are a large corporation with many properties, EnviroHome Inc can assist you with all your environmental engineering needs. We have both the experience and qualifications to assist you.

We have a team standing by 24/7 to respond quickly in case of an emergency.

Environmental Engineering Services are crucial to prospective property owners or buyers prior to the purchase of any vacant land or commercial property.  Our services can help you make an educated business decision by providing you with the information of the past and present activities that took place on and around that piece of property. The Environmental Site Assessment is to determine any potential contamination on the property and its impact, and is often required by law.

Our clients include real estate developers, property managers, construction and maintenance companies, private firms, corporations, municipalities, individual investors, financial institutions, and realtors

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

EnviroHome Inc.’s commercial pre-purchase due diligence services include Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Building and Property Conditional Assessments (BCA) and building surveys for hazardous materials.
We help you complete your due diligence before you buy or sell any commercial property…




Environmental Assessment and Clean Up

Whether you need to minimize the effects of a current environmental situation or remediate conditions caused by previous problem, EnviroHome, Inc. delivers effective solutions that protect our clients, the general public, and the overall environment.

EnviroHome, Inc.’s environmental engineering technicians and specialists work closely with our clients to explore practical alternatives that meet regulatory requirements as well as their risk management and budgetary objectives.

Construction Environmental Protection Plan, Assessments and Clean Ups…



Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome Investigations

More and more we hearing about problems and potential liabilities associated with poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and exposures to hazardous materials in the work place or at home. Office work areas are routinely being identified with limited ventilation which is resulting in employee health complaints and lost worker productivity.

Owners, operators and managers of tenant spaces are increasingly being drawn into sick building syndrome health related litigation and the number of cases is rising every day. To address these concerns we have developed an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program.

EnviroHome’s Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program provides building owners and managers with the total confidence that all IEQ liabilities are being managed and monitored to ensure the maintenance of a healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) within their building.
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Building Inspection / Construction Inspection Services

“The quality of construction is based on what you inspect not what you expect.” This is EnviroHome's policy and with that our construction inspection program has reduced our clients' water/moisture entry incidents by 97 percent! While EnviroHome acts as an independent, third party inspector, we are also part of the builder’s team. 
Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance Services…