EnviroHome provides comprehensive, innovative solutions for environmental assessment, remediation, management and compliance. Our experience with air, land and water contaminants means that we can provide the best solutions to the construction companies, homeowners, property managers, corporations and organizations we serve.

Training from EnviroHome: Radon Classes

(Become a Professional Radon Technician or Specialist)

EnviroHome, Inc. is pleased to offer periodic courses for Radon Measurement Technician and Specialist and Radon Mitigation Technician and Specialist. These courses are approved by the Florida Department of Health.

Classes are typically offered in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. If you have any interest in the Radon Measurement Technician and Specialist and/or Radon Mitigation Technician and Specialist classes followed by a Department of Health representative administering the final exams for each, contact Audrey at 954-444-8616 or awinslow@envirohome.com to indicate your interest. For more details on upcoming classes see our Training page...New Home Buyer and Homeowners Environmental Services

Homeowner Services

New Home Buyers need to know what problems such as radon, asbestos, mold, water damage, and chinese drywall exist in a home before they buy. Existing homeowners need to know what problems may be affecting their health and safety of their family. Homeowner Services...

Commercial Services

Construction and management companies are quite often in need of environmental engineering technicians and experts on the project team either as advisors or in active environmental mitigation or remediation. We pride ourselves in working with our clients to identify environmental liabilities, navigate potential obstacles, and manage and minimize risk.

Commercial Property Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Environment Testing Clean Up and Mitigation EnviroHome Inc.’s commercial pre-purchase due diligence services include Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Building & Property Conditional Assessments (BCA) and building surveys for hazardous materials. Commercial Property Pre-Purchase Due Diligence...

Environmental Assessment and Clean-Up

We include a variety of elements to our assessment and clean up process in order to give you the most effective solution to your situation, including regulatory evaluation, project planning, sampling plans, sample and data management, data evaluation, and ultimately hazardous materials removal. Environmental Assessment and Clean-Up...

Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Investigations

Worried about problems and potential liabilities related to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and exposures to hazardous materials in the work place? Owners, operators and managers of tenant spaces are increasingly being drawn into sick building syndrome health related litigation and the number of cases is rising every day.

EnviroHome, Inc. has developed an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program to address these concerns. The program establishes a baseline of indoor environmental quality within a building, and through periodic monitoring, ensures that the baseline is being maintained. Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Investigations... Construction Companies and Real Estate Developer Environmental Engineering technicians

Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance Services

EnviroHome Inc. has developed a proprietary construction inspection and quality assurance program that is designed to identify and eliminate potential water/moisture and construction defect problems during the construction process. This program includes the conducting of critical stage inspections at the framing, pre-drywall and closing stages of construction that allow the identification and correction of moisture entry problems before they are built into the structure.

Our services are designed to provide the professional oversight and technical expertise to allow certification that a client’s project has been constructed to the highest standards for: Environmental/Health Concerns, Moisture Entry Prevention, Planning, and Construction Defect Mitigation. Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance Services...

Environmental e-Consulting

Call or e-mail us today if you don’t understand an inspection report, need a second opinion, or just need some advice or answers to questions you may have. All consulting services are confidential. Some of our more popular consulting topics include: Technical Consulting, Expert Witness, Independent 3rd Party Opinions and Green Construction Consulting. e-Consulting Services... Laboratory Testing and Environmental Consulting for new home buyers and construction companies

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory services include: Mold Analysis (Air and Surface), Asbestos (Bulk and Air), Lead Based Paint (XRF and Paint Chip Analysis), Particle Counting & Analysis, and Indoor Air Quality Forensics. Environmental Lab Services...

About EnviroHome

EnviroHome, Inc. is an industry leader in Environmental Engineering, Indoor Air Quality, Construction Inspection Services, and Groundwater, Air, and Soil Contamination Assessment and Clean-up. We have a highly qualified and experienced staff that includes State Licensed Professional Engineers, PhD Scientists, State Certified Building Contractors, PAACB Certified Microscopists, Certified Pollutant Storage Specialty Contractors, Authorized OSHA Trainers, State Licensed Asbestos Consultant, LEED AP, CIE, and Certified Analysts About EnviroHome...